Ating Baybayin (Our Filipino Script)
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Baybayin and Other Scripts

The Tagalog Script
Hector Santos is the Internet expert on Baybayin. If you want to learn about Baybayin, this should be your first stop.

Baybayin Online
A nicely done site from Walter R. Paet. The site even has a timeline of events related to Baybayin and a gallery of images using the ancient script.

Ang Baybayin
Another great Baybayin site from Paul Morrow. What makes this different from the rest is that it is written almost entirely in Tagalog. What makes it extra-ordinary is that it was written by a non-Filipino. Paul also created a couple of Baybayin computer fonts which are available for free on this site. All the Baybayin graphics found on this site were created with his font.

Alibata at Pandesal
A Bisaya Alibata font can be downloaded for free on this site. Most of the symbols are the same as the Tagalog script, and I originally used this font for the Baybayin symbols used on this site, until I found Paul Morrow's font.

Malaya Designs
Beautiful wearable Baybayin art can be found on this webpage by Ray Haguisan. You can have your name or a Tagalog word burned into a pendant or bracelet made of narra, bamboo or leather.

Customizable Baybayin Jewelry can be found on this webpage by Mary Ann Ubaldo. Gold, Platinum and Sterling Silver rings and pendants are engraved with Baybayin inscriptions.

A Philippine Leaf
Learn about literacy in the Philippines and about other Philippine scripts from Hector Santos. It includes an intriguing look at the recently discovered Laguna Copper plate which threatens to change what we know about the pre-Spanish Philippines.

Baybayin Tatoos
First Cut, a TV show aired in San Francisco, featured a story about the popularity of Baybayin Tatoos among Filipino-Americans.

Philippine History

Philippine History 101
Ken Ilio's website was once featured in Business World, the Philippines' largest business daily (October 5, 1995 issue).

Philippine Centennial Celebration
This homepage covers heroic personages who figured prominently during the period 1896 - 1898, significant historical events that took place in the same period, as well as topics, terms, and documents related to the Philippine Revolution of 1896.

The 1986 EDSA Revolution
A beautiful website about the People's Power Revolution created by high school kids from the Ateneo de Manila.

History of the Philippines
A brief history about the Philippines from the pre-colonization period to the post-EDSA Revolution era created by Virginia Mitchell.

Philippine Prehistory Page
Paul Kekai Manansala's website about the Philippines before Spanish discovery.

Flags of the Philippine Revolution
This website contains the different flags used during the Filipino revolution against Spain.

Miscellaneous Links

Tribung Pinoy
Tribung Pinoy. The Filipino Tribe. A web journal about the Philippines, the Filipino people and the Filipino diaspora as expressed from a decidedly but not exclusively Filipino perspective.

Tanikalang Ginto
The largest reporitory of Filipino links on the web.
Filipino Search Engines

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